About me…

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Welcome! So glad you stopped by:)  My name is Annemarie DeSmet and I am the owner of

Mimi + Co. Studios, located in the lovely and quaint seaside town of Scituate, Mass. I am the Primary Image Maker ( or Picture Taker Person as my kids used to say)

and my favorite thing to photograph are faces.  I am fascinated and deeply intrigued with faces.

Faces, all faces, are beautiful, mesmerizing and never ever boring. I do portraiture only.

Not weddings.  Not sports. Not events. Just portraits.


I do both natural and studio light photography in my studio.  I also do on location at our nearby beaches and at an historic organic farm.


Let’s get in touch.  I’d love to photograph your face next:).


If you are ready to book a session, you may do so here.